Washington, D.C.
Experience and expertise

 when you need them most
We are lawyers with prior careers in business—in technology consulting and secure-software development—and a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape.
That background allows us to provide clients with a unique combination of legal experience, technology expertise, and sound business judgment.

More About Us . . .

Litigation is a last resort

One we excel at
Business & White Collar Litigation
We represent clients in commercial and business litigation, as plaintiffs and defendants, and in white collar defense.
We not only enjoy trials, we excel at them.
But when trial is not your best option, we will push hard to bring a successful end to litigation, with this in mind: Although most litigation ends in settlement, a good settlement comes from being ready to go to trial.
We'll be ready.

Creation, contracts, sale

We've got you covered

Corporate & Start-Ups
We counsel small and mid-sized companies in corporate and transactional law, including start-up creation, contract drafting and negotiations, acquisitions and sales, and all manner of intellectual-property matters.
In strategic planning, negotiations, and drafting, we pay special attention to what matters to our clients most: risk-mitigation, IP preservation, and growth.
Every company has points of leverage. We'll help you find them.

Your business is tech

So is ours*

* before we wrote briefs, we wrote software

Technology & Security
We are not just lawyers—we are former software developers and entrepreneurs. And we frequently represent technology clients in both corporate and litigation matters, providing insight we have gained over years working in technology enterprises and a technology-focused law practice.
We counsel technology and engineering companies in complex business negotiations, partnering, contracting, and sales and spin-offs. And we draft contracts of all kinds, covering intellectual property, OpenSource software, employment relationships, cloud computing, and contracting and subcontracting.

Health care laws

are a minefield

We have a map

Health Care Compliance
We advise clients, principally health-care providers and those that do business with them, in acquisitions, joint ventures, contracts, and credit facilities and compliance with health-care laws. We also advise them in disputes with government agencies and commercial payors.
And we structure (and restructure) their businesses and relationships to comply with the complex health-care laws and regulations that govern them: federal and state fraud-and-abuse laws, payment laws, and HIPAA and other privacy laws.
The health-care industry is dynamic and highly regulated. We'll help you navigate the complexity of health-care laws and regulations and find solutions for your business or practice.

A breach is survivable

We'll help you survive it*

* and if you're careful, plan for it

Data Breach & Incident Response
A data breach is an immediate problem with long-term consequences. We help clients minimize the risk of a breach and assist them in coping with a breach if one does occur.
We also coordinate digital forensics and incident response (DFIR), providing a legal perspective that will help steer clear of potential hazards—and perserve the attorney-client privilege.
A breach may be impossible to stop. If the untinkable becomes unavoidable, we will help you keep your business running while investigating the breach and mitigating its effects.

Our Business Is Your Business
We have litigated cases in both the state and federal trial courts, often trying cases to verdict.
We have negotiated agreements with Fortune 100 and smaller companies in joint ventures, subcontracting, software development, information-security consulting, and software integration.
We have advised technology companies and health-care entities from formation to sale.
Let us handle your legal issues while you take care of your business.