Washington, D.C.

Technology & Security

We frequently represent clients in technology, in both corporate and litigation matters. Our backgrounds in software and information security allow us to provide clients with a unique combination of legal experience, technology expertise, and sound business judgment.

That combination allows us to understand each client's business quickly and craft strategies to protect their interests—without spending hours simply trying to penetrate the technology issues. In fact, we attend and often speak at computer-industry and hacker conferences around the country.

Whether your business is software development, open-source integration, cloud computing, digital forensics, security auditing, penetration testing, or other computer- or Internet-based design, development, or engineering, we can identify the advantages and risks particular to your situation quickly and provide solutions just as quickly.

We often handle business matters for technology and engineering firms. The legal issues may not relate directly to the technical matters; but the technical matters always play a central role.

We also counsel technology and engineering companies in complex business negotiations, joint-venture formation, partnering, contracting and subcontracting, sales of large assets and business lines, and spin-offs.

We have guided technology clients through confidential government investigations into fraud and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations, intellectual-property disputes, shareholder lawsuits, and vendor disputes. We also provide counsel concerning data breaches, cloud computing issues, computer forensics, penetration testing, contractor stand-offs, compliance auditing, and intellectual property.

Technology Areas

  • Information Security & Computer Forensics
  • Penetration Testing & Security Audits
  • Software Development
  • OpenSource Licensing
  • Technology Consulting
  • Cloud Computing
  • Privacy and Data Security
  • Data breaches
  • Information Security Product Integration