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Data Breach 101: The Importance of Involving Counsel Early
Directly engaging digital forensics and incident response (commonly known as DFIR) investigators may force the company later to disclose confidential information to law enforcement, government regulators, and private plaintiffs. The problem is that the company may be victimized twice: first by the intrusion, and again by never-ending litigation. The solution is to ensure that DFIR investigators do not work directly for the company, but for company counsel.  Read more 
Rules of Engagement: Mitigating Risk in Information Security
Information security work, from pentesting to auditing, incident response to forensics, can be plagued with legal risks. Such work itself may be fraught with danger: servers knocked off line, sensitive data in the hands of the consultant and subject to subpoena, and even lawsuits by third parties. The solution is to set clear "rules of engagement."  Read more 

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